DMX AG Foundation Wrap

DMX uses a specially formulated 100% Virgin Polyethylene that provides a high environmental stress crack resistance to alkalies and acids found in the soil. Our special extrusion process utilizes low heat and low shear to prevent heat degradation in the final product. The use of antioxidants and lubricants further ensure a smooth, superior quality membrane that outperforms the competition.


The following is an overview of the types of constructions that will utilize the unique and effective moisture control attributes of our residential and light commercial product lines.

These membranes are designed to control moisture that effect concrete foundations. Our membranes provide the ultimate moisture protection with ease of installation.

Applications: Foundations

  • Residential foundation walls
  • Light commercial foundations (less than 15’ in height)
  • Golf clubhouse and athletic complex foundation protection
  • Single level underground parking structure
  • ICF (residential), wood, concrete, specialty foundations
  • NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH CONCRETE BLOCK WALLS, unless the walls are completely waterproofed prior to installation of the foundation wrap

Specialty Applications

  • Underslab moisture barrier
  • Crawl spaces
  • Concrete top side retrofits for finishing basements into living space
  • Landscape drainage for residential settings
  • Drainage and ventilation between built-up residential roof decks
  • Protection of liquid-applied waterproofing products in non-hydrostatic soils conditions

Installation Videos

Benefits of DMX AG™ Foundation Wrap™

Benefits of DMX AG™ Foundation Wrap™ – YouTube video

DMX AG Installation Video

Installation of DMX AG™ Foundation Wrap™ – YouTube video


DMX Membranes manufactures a full line of accessory products to aid in the installation of the DMX AG™. These accessories withstand the rigors of the construction site.

  • 2” diameter round Attachment Washers for finishing off the top flat tab of AG
  • 2” wide DMX Flex Trim for finishing off vertical terminations of the membrane

  • 1.25” long Anodized Steel Nails for securing the round wastners
  • Power Actuated Installation* Nail Guns for attaching the membrane to the substrate