About Us

DMX Plastics Limited (DMX) began manufacturing dimpled membranes for ground water management in 2004.

Our Growth

DMX has steadily grown to be one of the largest suppliers of foundation wrap and drainage boards in North America.

Our products are used in large housing sites (1000 home developments), light and heavy commercial waterproofing applications.

Our drain boards are proudly manufactured in Canada.

We are 100% Canadian!

Our Knowledge

DMX has used the knowledge gained in ground water management and applied it to applications within living spaces especially basements, where water intrusion can cause problems with harmful mold.

Consumers are investing in their basements turning them into income generating spaces or comfortable relaxation spaces.

Healthy, mold free living spaces are essential to healthy living and DMX provides the products that contribute to great environments.

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to look through it for the products that will be helpful to your specific projects.

Have a Question? Need More Information?

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions on our products. We’re always ready and willing to guide and provide our best advice to any business in need!