DMX Drain 5X™

Residential Applications
For Horizontal and Vertical Drainage Applications

DMX Drain 5X™

DMX uses a specially formulated 100% Virgin High Density Polyethylene that provides a high environmental stress crack resistance to alkalies and acids found in the soil..

Our special extrusion process utilizes low heat and low shear to prevent heat degradation in the final product. The use of antioxidants and lubricants further ensure a smooth, superior quality membrane that outperforms the competition.


DMX Drain 5X™ compliments a liquid applied or sheet applied waterproofing product for a total systems approach to waterproofing.

DMX Drain 5X drainage board provides excellent ground water drainage for ICF, residential and light commercial foundations. DMX Drain 5X can be used as a stand-alone drainage board or used in pairing with a peel and stick/spray applied waterproofing membrane for a total waterproofing system approach.


  • Green Roof Systems

  • Shallow Foundation Walls (<16 feet)

  • Retaining Walls
  • Poured or Precast Concrete Walls
  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) Foundations
  • Prefabricated Tilt Up Walls
  • Hillside Construction
  • To compliment any liquid applied waterproofing product for a total systems approach to ground water control.


The DMX Drain 5X™ drainage board finished product has:

  • 0.031’ (8 mm) dimple height
  • Provides a drainage capacity of 12 gal/min/ft of width
  • A compressive strength of 6,700lbs/sq ft

  • Polyethylene is highly resistant to chemical interaction
  • Has a life expectancy of up to 50 years when properly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.

Installation Videos


DMX Membranes manufactures a full line of accessory products to aid in the installation of the DMX Drain 5X™.

These accessories withstand the rigors of the construction site.

  • 1″ dia. round Attachment Washers for finishing off the top flat tab of the AG
  • 2″ wide DMX Flex Trim for vertical terminations and horizontal terminations without DMX Flat Tab

  • 1.25″ long Anodized Steel Nails for securing the round and square fasteners
  • Power Actuated Installation* Nail Guns for attaching the membrane to the substrate


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